Sourdough Starters

The secret to a perfect sourdough loaf is definitely having a strong and robust starter.  On this page, you will find options for how to create or find your very own sourdough starter.  I highly recommend getting a live starter from someone you know or online.  The dried versions or starting from scratch are simply a longer process to get going but they work well too.  

If you are looking for sourdough recipes try my basic sourdough recipe or general sourdough recipes. If you need sourdough equipment, click here.  Do you want to learn how to bake the perfect sourdough loaf?  Check out my Sourdough Crash Course!  For the price of one loaf of artisan sourdough bread, you can learn how to make it yourself!!

Option #1:

Sourdough Bread Starter

This is usually the best option because the starter is active and alive. You can find a friend to get one from locally (check for local sourdough Facebook groups) or buy online.  

Option #2:

This is the second best option because the starter is in its inactive state. Buying online is best for this option. Click the button below or scroll down for my online recommendations.

Option #3:

Make Your Own Sourdough Bread Starter from Scratch

This option takes the longest and is the least reliable. But it’s also the most cost effective because it only requires flour, water, and time. Follow my blog post to make your own starter from scratch!

Fresh active starters:

Check this list for fresh, active starters that you can buy online. 

Sourdough Starter Kit

Sourdough Starter Jar

Fresh active starters:

Check this list for fresh, active starters that you can buy online. 

Bread Baking Kit Large

Baguette Proofing Cloth

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