So you're interested in earning income with doTerra?


Great!  I’m so excited for you.  The doTERRA Business Opportunity is one of the most exciting parts of the doTERRA company.  

Once upon a time, I was sitting right where you are.  

And in fact, I had already tried building a business with doTERRA once before, so technically, I was behind where you are.  

My first go around, I had signed up with my sister and started teaching a few classes.  I had a few people sign up but soon afterward, our family hit a financial crisis and I had to stop so we could get out of debt (we used the Dave Ramsey plan, just in case you are wondering.  It really works if you too need financial help!)

A few years after we became debt free, I was running low on some of my favorite oils (I had continued using them all this time) so I reached out to a friend who I knew sold doTERRA.  We talked briefly about the business and my passion was soon reignited.  I began my doTERRA business again and have never looked back.   

I’m here to tell you that no matter where you are at, now is a fantastic time to start a doTERRA business.  

Many people are looking for natural solutions to their healthcare needs and are open to using essential oils in their life.  Some estimates say that 63% of the population are looking for alternative solutions.  

And all those people are waiting for you!  

Is now the time for you to shine?  

Many people live their whole lives wishing that they could get out of the “rat race” and to try something new to help them achieve their dreams.  

What if this is the opportunity you have been waiting for?  


Are you ready to become a wellness coach?

If you are serious about exploring the business opportunity, I’d love to chat with you about what that would look like for you to see if it is a good fit.  The first step is to set up an appointment with me to talk about what it takes to do this business. We will talk about your situation, the compensation plan, how to start and any other questions you have. You don’t have to get started if you don’t want to, but if doTERRA feels like a good fit then I’ll help you get started!

You can email me at the bottom of the page to set up your appointment.  Here are some things to consider in the meantime: 

This opportunity is for you if: 

  – You are motivated, responsible and a self-starter
  – You are willing to teach small classes and/or host gatherings
  – You are willing to invest in an enrollment kit (starting at $150) and place a monthly order so you can learn how to use the oils
  – You can handle rejection and still pick yourself back up and keep going
  – You are willing to work hard for a short period of time to create the long-term results you want

This opportunity is not for you if: 

 – You are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme
  – You don’t like to push yourself outside of your comfort zone
  – You are unwilling to leave your house and/or talk to people
  – You are not willing to place a monthly order and learn how to use the oils personally
  – You are not able to commit to at least 5-10 hours per week to a business
  – You are already on another doTERRA team

If after reading that, it still seems like a great fit for you, please send me an email to set up a time to chat with me.  In this call, we will talk about your situation and your goals, about the company and why it’s an amazing company to partner with, about the amazing doTERRA compensation plan and how much money you can make, and about what it takes to be successful in this business.  Please bring any questions or concerns you have and we can talk about those too!   

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the big green button to schedule a time to chat with me.  


The cost of starting a doTERRA business, when compared to starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business, is very small.  The cost to open an account is as little as $35 plus the cost of your oils.  All of your oils will be ones you use personally (no inventory to carry at all).  You will need to place a monthly order of 100PV (around $100) each month in order to earn your commission.  There are very few costs in addition to these items.  

Most people have the best success with small, informal gatherings. (Either in their home, or in a public location such as a restaurant or library). There are materials and scripts you can use to help you get started with these. You can also share one-on-one, hand out samples, etc.  There are many ways to share and you will find the best fit for your style.

NO! You will need to stay where you are. In order to preserve the high-integrity culture of doTERRA, I do not participate in cross-recruiting or coach people how to leave their existing teams. If you need support, you should be able to find it by reaching out to an upline higher in your particular structure. Contact them to get the help you need.  

The initial cost is simply your starter kit (these start at $150).  After that, you will need to commit to ordering 100PV (roughly $100) per month in order to qualify for earning commission. This will give you enough experience with using the product you are sharing and give you a chance to try all the products. 

Other than that, there are no quotas, no sales minimums, and you do NOT need to carry any inventory. All orders are shipped directly from doTERRA.  Compared to the cost of a brick-and-mortar business, these costs are very minimal.  This allows this business to be within anyone’s reach! 

Well, that all depends on how fast do you want to build? You get to pick your pace, although I will say that it is easier to build fast than it is to build slow.  Some people share part-time at 5-15 hours per week, and others grow more quickly by committing 20-40 hours per week.  It is your choice. 

I actually get this question a lot.  No, it is not a pyramid scheme.  Those are illegal.   It is network marketing – they are very different.  

Companies can choose to structure themselves traditionally and pour a lot of money into their advertising budgets or they can choose to structure themselves as a network marketing business.  These types of companies do not advertise and instead use the money they would have spent on ads to pay their compensation plan.  It is simply a choice in business structure.  It is sometimes also called direct sales. 

This type of business model typically works well for products that need a hands-on or individualized experience, such as essential oils. 

Many companies choose this business model including Pampered Chef, Primerica, Avon and Mary Kay (among others). 

It’s hard to say because it is different for everyone and it depends on what your goal is and how much time you spend on it.  For example, you can earn enough to pay for your oils each month, to supplement your income or even to replace your income.

Here are some rough averages to help you get a feel for the income potential with doTERRA: 
If you spend 3-5 hours per week and enroll a few people per month, you can earn $304-742 per month in 6 months or so.
If you spend 10-15 hours per week and enroll 4+ customers and 1 builder per month, you can earn $742-4,781 per month in 9-12 months or so.
If you spend 15-30 hours per week and enroll 8+ customers and 2 builder per month, you can earn $4,781-16,733 per month in 1-3 years or so.

I’d be happy to go over more details with you if you need more specific information.  Just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you!

So what are you waiting for?

Take charge of your future!  The first step is to set up a call with me to explore the business opportunity to see if it’s a good fit.  There is no obligation and it’s free.  All you have to do is click the button below to send me an email.  I’ll get back to you with some times to choose from.  Click the button now to get started!

Ready to get going now and don't want to wait?

I love you already! To get started, jump on over to this page and join doTERRA as a “WELLNESS ADVOCATE”. Purchase a starter kit and once you process it, I will reach out to you to get you started on your training!  Welcome to the team! 

(Interested in enjoying essential oils, but not looking to start a business? I can show you how to get wholesale pricing with no obligations. Click here for details.)