Questions to ask yourself before starting a vegetable garden: 1) What is my purpose in starting a vegetable garden? In other words, why do you want to grow a garden? If your purpose is to reduce your monthly grocery bill, your garden will be quite different from someone whose purpose […]

7 questions to ask yourself before starting a vegetable garden

Starting a brand new garden
Not too long ago, my cousin called me to tell me she was going to be driving through my town later that day and would like to stop and see me. I told her, “Of course! I’d love to see you!” So a few hours later, she showed up on […]

Starting a brand new garden

I had the hair-brained idea a few years ago to keep chickens in our backyard.  My husband thought I was crazy but he played along.  He’s probably used to my crazy ideas by now. Or maybe not? Either way, we got to work and built a simple chicken coop out […]

7 things nobody will tell you about keeping chickens

Growing garlic
Oh, garlic! The most amazing food! It seems like every time I take something to a potluck that has fresh garlic in it, people ooh and aah over it.  There is something divinely delicious about. It is made even more glorious because growing garlic in your garden is so easy […]

Growing garlic in your garden

Peeling garlic easily
So you get a hankering for some homemade pico de gallo or some freshly made marinara sauce but know know that the secret to the recipe is the fresh garlic.  But you also really hate peeling garlic, no matter how good it tastes. What to do? I’m going to share […]

Peeling garlic easily

Salsa garden
One day, in the not too distant past, I made some homemade pico de gallo for dinner.  My husband, who often makes a batch of the stuff too, looked at the bowl and said “Hey, everything in this (except for the salt) came from our garden!” “Oh, wow, you’re right.  […]

How to grow a salsa garden

Annie's salsa for canning
In the last few posts, I have shared three different recipes for three distinctly different salsas.  In case you missed them, you can find them here, here or here.  The problem with those recipes is that they are not the types of salsa for canning. So, in addition to those […]

Annie’s salsa for canning

Salsa Verde
Have you ever wanted to grow a plant that has zero insect problems, zero disease problems and that re-seeds itself well?  In essence, one that takes care of itself? I give you, the tomatillo. This plant is amazing.  It prefers the same conditions as tomatoes but is a lot less […]

Salsa Verde

Pico de gallo
At our house, summer time brings no school, lazy mornings, and Pico de gallo…lots of Pico de gallo. When the tomatoes are ripening so fast we don’t know what to do with them all, we often chop some up for this delicious, fresh salsa. If we are invited to a […]

Homemade Pico de Gallo

Famous salsa
A few months after my husband and I were married, he graduated from college and got his first “real job” working for a large missile company in Tucson, Arizona. So we packed up our meager, newlywed belongings and left our beautiful Cache Valley, Utah and drove to the desert.  We […]

Michelle’s famous salsa

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for. This is certainly true in gardening.  One of the big lessons that gardening teaches is patience and the ability to wait. But what do you do if you need or want crops that grow quickly? Perhaps you have a […]

Vegetables that mature early

Feeding egg shells to chickens
When it comes to keeping livestock, chickens are among some of the easiest. And when it comes to keeping chickens, there are very few things they actually need…food, clean water, shelter/coop (of course), a bit of shade and protection from predators. But if the chickens you have are egg layers, […]

Feeding egg shells to chickens