To illustrate how far removed from how food is grown we have become, most people know that potatoes grow underground but did you know that the plant part grows above ground? Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite books called “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver.  She had […]


Cold Frames 3
We had a really ROUGH winter this year.  Normally our winters here in Boise are pretty mild.  Most winters we only get a couple of snow falls during the entire winter.  This winter, however, we had record breaking snow falls.  I think we broke a couple of records in all […]

Cold Frames

The art of speed gardening
I have been gardening for 12 years and as I think back through all of the gardens in my wake, there are a handful that stand out as exceptionally memorable. But the one that I learned the most from was during the hardest summer of my life.  During my darkest […]

The art of speed gardening

Contrary to what you might think from the name “winter squash,” it does not actually grow during the winter. Squash is usually distinguished by either being “summer squash” or “winter squash” but both kinds grow during the summer.  In the heat.  They LOVE the heat. The difference is that winter […]

Winter squash

Heirloom Seeds
Let’s talk about seeds. Not only are they magical little miracles, they are also very, very important to our food supply.  In fact, there would be no food supply without them. When most people start out gardening, they generally go to the store in the spring and buy plants and/or […]

Heirloom seeds

Self-reliance, self-sufficient, sustainable… These are all words that describe a way of living that encourage taking care of yourself and your own family.  To not be dependent on grocery stores for our food. And while true sustainability may not be entirely possible, working toward becoming more self-reliant is a GREAT […]

Growing staple foods for self-reliance

Squash bugs
Many years ago, I didn’t know what a squash bug was.  Gasp!  That’s hard for me to believe now. And unless you have encountered them in your garden, you many not know what they are either.  Consider yourself fortunate. Can I just say that innocence is bliss! They look like […]

Dealing with squash bugs

There is no need to fear the zombie apocalypse. It’s the ZUCCHINI Apocalypse you should be worried about! There’s the old joke that when you live in the country, or probably even the suburbs, you MUST lock your car in the summertime if you don’t want someone to leave you […]

Zucchini (and other summer squash)

Why garden?
I decided to do some very involved, detailed research (not!) and find out why people garden. So I googled “why do you garden?” and read many, many comments and forum posts from gardeners all over the world. And while this “research” is by no means exhaustive or conclusive, it was […]

Why do you garden?

Let’s talk about weeds. Because everyone has them and they are the bane of most gardener’s existence. Admit it…you felt a feeling of drudgery just looking at that picture, didn’t you? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, I promise! I recently helped a friend get her garden set […]

Weeds, weeds and more weeds

Earth's skin 1
The earth needs a covering, just like our bodies need skin. When I first heard this gardening principle, it really took me some time to understand what it meant. To really wrap my mind around all that it entails. But now that I understand it more, it really does make […]

The earth’s “skin”

Prize winning tomatoes
10 secrets for growing prize winning tomatoes 1) Choose the variety carefully!!! What kind of variety you grow will depend a large part on what your climate is like and what your goals are.  If you live in an area that gets a lot of moisture/is humid, you will want […]

10 secrets for growing prize winning tomatoes